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Every student, every year

The support you provide through The Stanford Fund affects every undergraduate on campus, year after year. That’s more than 7,000 students impacted by your generosity. Thanks for giving them the gift of Stanford.

Generous Financial Aid

With the support of donors like you, Stanford provides financial aid for every U.S. undergraduate student who qualifies. Last year that was 48% of students. You make Stanford’s financial aid program among the best in higher education.

1 in 4 undergrads pays zero tuition. For families with incomes under $125,000, a Stanford scholarship covers tuition completely. For those below $65,000, Stanford also covers room and board. Starting with the 2020–21 academic year, Stanford will offer tuition-free access to families with annual incomes below $150,000, up from the current $125,000.

Stanford has a long-standing commitment to providing an affordable education to all students, regardless of their economic circumstances. 83% of graduates left Stanford with no debt last year. Of the remaining students who took out loans, the median amount of debt upon graduation was $13,557.

1 in 6 undergraduates at Stanford last year was in the first generation of his or her family to attend a four-year university. Your donor support means students of all income levels can have a chance to attend Stanford.

Stanford’s financial aid budget has more than doubled since 2007. With the help of donors like you, Stanford can fulfill the commitment to meet the demonstrated financial need for every accepted U.S. undergraduate—through scholarships, not loans.

Your gifts through The Stanford Fund supplemented endowed funds to provide scholarships to an additional 302 students this past year. Stanford Fund Scholarships help make it possible for qualified students from the widest range of backgrounds to attend.

The great financial aid at Stanford is the reason I am here. Without it, I would have ended up somewhere much different. In my short time here, I have grown more than I could’ve possibly imagined; I have found more of what it means to be me. Because of you, I was afforded this magnificent opportunity to change my life and I could never thank you enough. —KAIGE JONES, ’22

Outstanding Academics

Undergraduate Schools

Gifts through The Stanford Fund support all three schools with undergrad majors: Engineering; Humanities & Sciences; and Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences. Your gift keeps the curriculum fresh, retains excellent faculty, and grows interdisciplinary programs.

Chem Core Classes

Thanks to your support, Stanford redesigned its introductory chemistry classes, which are the first college-level science courses many students take. Professors have implemented a new, engaging, and interactive approach: Lectures are now more discussion-based and collaborative, and labs build excitement and curiosity for upcoming content.

Studio Arts Practice Courses

Stanford Fund donors help fund lecturers, teaching assistants, and materials for studio arts classes in sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, electronic arts, and printmaking.

Summer Research Opportunities

Stanford believes learning is enhanced by participation in research. Your support this year went to two programs that connect students to research opportunities in the summer. The Stanford Earth Summer Undergraduate Research Program places undergrads with faculty to do research related to the environment, energy, and Earth. Research Experiences for Undergraduates through the Department of Bioengineering offers undergraduates stipends to work with BioE faculty and their research groups on advanced research topics.

Course Design Institute

Gifts through The Stanford Fund enable Stanford professors and lecturers to design better courses and improve the student experience through the Course Design Institute. CDI is an intensive, hands-on program designed for instructors who wish to optimize their courses with cutting-edge, research-proven teaching strategies. During the three-day program, faculty work with experienced facilitators to develop course components and reflect on teaching practices, sharing their learning collaboratively with other participants.

Without help from folks like you, my Stanford experience would not have been possible. This university has truly provided me the most intellectually stimulating experience of my life. Best of all, the professors, students, and the greater community have been nothing but kind and supportive to me. It is a privilege to be able to call Stanford my home. —ALAN BROWN, ’20

Student Life

Student Groups

You supported 123 student-led organizations, including performing arts clubs, public service groups, and club sports teams last year. For many students, these clubs provide a place to make friends, develop new skills, express their creativity, give back, and take a break from rigorous academics.

Cardinal Service

Donors like you helped support Cardinal Quarter, a program created by the Haas Center as part of the campus-wide Cardinal Service initiative. Students who participate dedicate a full quarter to a public service experience, integrating academic learning with fieldwork. Students serve with local governments, nonprofits, and NGOs all over the world to solve problems and support local communities.

Mental Health Resources

The university’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is dedicated to student mental health and well-being. Your support through The Stanford Fund helped expand CAPS appointment availability for students in need last year.

Opportunity Fund

For undergraduate students experiencing a temporary financial challenge, there’s the Opportunity Fund—a resource made possible by donor support through the First-Gen and/or Low-Income Office. Students can request financial assistance when a hardship arises, or when an opportunity presents itself that they otherwise couldn’t afford. Examples include an emergency plane ticket to visit a sick family member, registration fees for a professional conference, or help with rent to make an unpaid summer internship possible.

Office for Military-Affiliated Communities

You helped support student veterans on campus through the Office for Military-Affiliated Communities. OMAC administers VA financial education benefits so students can focus on their studies. The office also supports educational opportunities and community outreach and works to ensure Stanford is a welcoming environment for veterans.

Office of Student Productions

Stanford Fund donors supported the Office of Student Productions, a one-stop shop for students who need space, materials, or other resources for extracurricular, artistic productions. The OSP offers advising, an equipment library, and access to Roble Arts Gym, an open space where students can create art, practice dance and theater, record music, and more.

Stanford has opened important doors for me and also has given me communities that I will remain connected to for the rest of my life. I have grown immensely as a person and now feel much more sure of myself as I navigate the world. It has been a great challenge, but also a great validation of my ability to meet that challenge, and that confidence is invaluable. Your generosity has made a world of difference for me. —JENNA GARDEN, ’20

You did it together

Why I give

RACHAEL TACHIE-MENSON, ’09 “At Stanford, I gained a world-class education, life-long friendships, and incredible opportunities. I wish no less for the next generation of Stanford students, regardless of socioeconomic background. The Stanford Fund made this possible for me and will make it possible for them.”

BRAD GEIER, ’79 “Forty years is a long time, but the passage of time has only strengthened my appreciation for the Stanford education I was so fortunate to receive and the life-long friendships made at Stanford that still endure. Stanford is a remarkable place and a remarkable family and I am grateful for the opportunity to help further its mission.”

THOMAS OSER II, ’17 “When I was a student, I made sure to take advantage of all the classes, organizations, and clubs on campus that I could, and it was all made possible due to alumni staying connected with Stanford and giving back. Since I’ve graduated, I’ve made sure to give back myself. I personally felt the impact and support of alumni donations and want to make sure I pass that experience on to those coming up behind me.”

ANNETTE, ’84, and ERIC MULLINS, ’84, PARENTS ’16, ’20 “As Stanford parents, we can help ensure our children thrive both personally and academically. Thank you for seeing the value of supporting students with a gift through The Stanford Fund. During their time at Stanford, all undergraduates benefit, because our gifts enrich campus life and learning every day—through research opportunities, mentoring and public service programs, mental health and well-being resources, and funding for student-run organizations that create a vibrant community.”

Gifts through The Stanford Fund support all aspects of the undergraduate experience,
sustaining programs that benefit more than 7,000 students each year.
Every gift—no matter the size—makes a difference. | 650.723.7814

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